Is the Kita-dake hike a tough climb?
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Is the Kita-dake hike a tough climb?

by Tanver


I am interested in kita-dake hike, but I don't know how tough the climbing is. I mean is there very tough climbing with ropes and chains or is it simple?

I mean I am good at trekking, but I have no experience of climbing.

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Aug 11, 2013
Yes, it's a tough climb.
by: Gary Wolff

Tanver, yes, there are an uncountable number of ropes, chains, and especially ladders required to scale Kita-dake, as many sections of the trail are quite steep.

Climbing Kita-dake from Hirogawara involves an elevation gain of 1700 m (~5577 ft), so it's definitely not a peak for novices. :-)

I suggest you try some day hikes near Tokyo, many of which you can find in a 1992 book called "More Day Walks Near Tokyo," by Gary D'A. Walters.

Best wishes....


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