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ITALY: a surprising place in this world

by Eduardo Rivera Jaramillo
(Mexico D.F.)



Colloseum Night Ride on the Vaporetto Milano Cathedral

Italy is a peninsula in South-Central Europe that can brag with one of the richest histories of the world. Its capital, Rome, was the capital of the Roman Empire and remained, for centuries, the core of the political and religious Western civilization.

Today, Italy is famous through its special assortments of food, like pizza and pasta, through the beautiful beaches and mountains, and through monuments and remains of the brilliant Roman civilization.

Italy's cuisine is varied. Italian food is included in the so-called Mediterranean cuisine which is imitated worldwide. It is common practice known to gastronomy of Italy's most famous dishes, such as pizza, pasta, and risotto. But the truth is that it is a kitchen where there are abundant aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean.

We can see the beauties of this country and its people. It's a perfect traveling destination: sightseeing, relaxation, culture, history, good food, coffee, and museums. Italy is perfect both for religious people and for the more eccentric ones, looking for adventure, romance, and mythology.

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