Maori Culture of NZ
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Maori Culture of NZ

by Ayaka A.
(Edogawa, Tokyo)

Honestly, I had no idea about New Zealand, because I had no image but the rich nature and the location next to The Australia Continent. Of course I haven’t been there.

Then I tried to search about NZ and I was interested in the culture of the Maori. So, I’ll take up the topics of the Maori.

The Maori is an aboriginal people of New Zealand. Maoris account for approximately 14% of the nation.

And art is an important field of Maoris. Today, the culture of Maori ranges over not only art, but also movies, TV programs, poems, dramas, and “Hip Hop”!!

I can’t imagine the field of Hip Hop. I love to watch TV programs, so I’m interested in Maori culture more and more.

That’s all. Thank you very much for reading.

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May 22, 2011
Maori Hip Hop
by: Gary Wolff

I'm like you, Ayaka. I can't imagine Maori Hip Hop. But I'd like to hear least once. :-)

Thanks for your story...

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