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Mt. Shirouma-dake (白馬岳)
Schedule & Expenses

As can be clearly seen from my Mt. Shirouma-dake schedule & expenses shown below, White Horse Mountain was a real snap to get to from Tokyo and, compared to several other peaks I've climbed in Japan, was not so terribly expensive.

I did the climb on a weekend, leaving on a Friday night and coming back home on Sunday night. And the total trip cost was just a little over 30,000 yen (less than $300 at the time).


Mt. Shirouma-dake Schedule

Aug. 25-27, 2006

Date   Time   Event
8/25   21:00   Depart Shinjuku Sta. via express train

  23:56   Arrive Matsumoto Sta.
8/26   1:00   Catch ride with Koichi-san

  2:20   Arrive Hakuba Sta.

  5:45   Catch bus for Sarukura

  6:15   Arrive Sarukura

  6:25   Start hiking

  7:30   Arrive Hakuba-jiri-goya

  7:55   Arrive Daisekkei

  9:10   Arrive top of Daisekkei

  12:05   Arrive Chojo Shukusha

  13:10   Arrive atop Shirouma-dake

Arrive Chojo Shukusha, my sleeping place
8/27   5:30   Start hiking from Chojo Shukusha

  7:25   Arrive Yari-ga-take

  7:55   Arrive Ode-hara trail junction

  9:40   Arrive Yari Onsen

  10:05   Depart Yari Onsen

  14:35   Arrive Sarukura

  14:55   Catch bus for Hakuba Sta.

  15:20   Arrive Hakuba Sta.

  16:00   Depart Hakuba Sta. via express train

  20:40   Arrive Funabashi Sta.

Total hiking time: 17 hrs. 10 min.


Mt. Shirouma-dake Expenses

Aug. 25-27, 2006

Date   Item Yen
8/25   Train - Shinjuku to Matsumoto 8270
8/26   Crampon rental 700

  Bus to Sarukura 980

  Lunch @ Hakuba-sanso 1500

  Chojo Shukusha (incl. dinner and breakfast) 8900
8/27   Yari Onsen 300

  Bus to Hakuba Sta. 980

  Late lunch at Hakuba Sta. 580

  Misc. drinks & snacks (both days) 2000

  Train - Hakuba to Funabashi 8560

  Total expenses 32,770  (~$280)

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