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Mt. Tateyama (立山) & Mt. Tsurugi-dake (剣岳) Schedule & Expenses

As can be clearly seen from my Mt. Tateyama (立山) & Mt. Tsurugi-dake (剣岳) schedule & expenses shown below, these mountains were a real snap to get to from Tokyo.

These 2 peaks can be easily done in a weekend, and this is what I did, leaving on a Friday night from Shinjuku and returning back to Tokyo late on Sunday night.

The only glitch was that it was on the three-day Sports Day weekend in early October, and because the transport services along the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route on that Sunday were CRAZY crowded, I lost over 2 hours waiting for the Tateyama cable car at Daikanbo.

More details on this trip, including pics & maps are on my main Mt. Tateyama (立山) & Mt. Tsurugi-dake (剣岳) page. Thanks for visiting.

Mt. Tateyama (立山) &
Mt. Tsurugi-dake (剣岳) Schedule

Oct. 5-7, 2001

Date   Time   Place
Shinjuku  (take highway bus)
10/6   7:50 (A)
8:05 (L)
  Murodo (室堂)
(begin hike)

  8:55 (A)
9:05 (L)
  Ichi-no-koshi (一ノ越)

  9:55 (A)
10:10 (L)
  Oyama (雄山)

  10:25 (A)
10:30 (L)
  Onanji-yama (大汝山) (Tateyama high point)

  10:40   Fuji-no-Oritate (富士ノ折立)

  11:15   Masago-dake (真砂岳)

  12:05 (A)
12:10 (L)
  Bessan (別山)

  12:40 (A)
12:45 (L)
  Tsurugi-gozen-goya (剣御前小屋) 

  13:45   Kenzan-so (剣山荘) 
10/7   6:05
  Kenzan-so (剣山荘) 

  6:30   Ippuku-tsurugi (一服剣)

  7:15   Mae-tsurugi (前剣)

  8:50 (A)
9:25 (L)
  Tsurugi -dake (剣岳)

  11:25 (A)
11:55 (L)
  Kenzan-so (剣山荘)

  13:05 (A)
13:15 (L)
  Tsurugi-gozen-goya (剣御前小屋) 

  15:05 (A)
15:15 (L)
  Murodo (室堂)  (end of hike)
(take tunnel trolley bus)

  15:25 (A)
17:45 (L)
  Daikanbo (大 観峰) (Ugh! Over 2 hr. wait)  :-(
(take Tateyama cable car)

  17:55 (A)
18:00 (L)
  Kurobedaira (黒部平)
(take cable car)

  18:05    Kurobeko (黒部湖) (15-min. hike across dam)

  18:20 (A)
18:35 (L)
  Kurobe Dam (黒部ダム)
(take tunnel trolley bus)

  18:45 (A)
19:00 (L)
  Ogisawa (扇沢)
(take bus)

  19:30 (A)
19:35 (L)
  Shinano-Omachi Station (信濃大町駅)
(share taxi) 

20:35 (A)
21:05 (L)

Nagano Station (長野駅)
(catch Shinkansen bullet train)

Tokyo Station (東京駅)
(A) = arrive    (L) = leave                                

Hiking time (10/6):  5 hrs. 40 min.
Hiking time (10/7):  9 hrs. 
Total hiking time, including breaks:  14 hrs. 40 min.
Total hiking distance:  ~18 km

Mt. Tateyama (立山) &
Mt. Tsurugi-dake (剣岳) Expenses

Oct. 5-7, 2001

Date   Expense Yen
10/5   Overnight hwy. bus - Shinjuku to Murodo 13,000
10/6   Kenzan-so mountain hut (including dinner & take-out lunch bento) 8400
10/7   Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route transport 5460

  Bus to Shinano-Omachi Station 1330

  Taxi to Nagano Station (my share)

  Shinkansen bullet train to Tokyo Station 7460

  Total expenses 40,650 
(~$337 in Oct. '01)

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