My First Trip to a Foreign Country
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My First Trip to a Foreign Country

by Saki U.

School Trip to Singapore

School Trip to Singapore

Singapore is the first country I visited before. When I was a high school student, I visited Singapore on a school trip. Before the trip, I thought Singapore was one of the developing countries in Asia. But my thought was completely wrong.

Actually, the city was almost same as Japan's cities; there were so many high buildings, big department stores, and good sightseeing spots. I clearly remember that I was really surprised how developed Singapore was.

Through the trip, I experienced many things, like sightseeing with my friend & cultural exchange with Singaporean students. And I felt keenly the difficulty of communication in English.

When I went to the Singapore Zoo with my friend, we got lost several times. Whenever we got lost, we asked people around us. But we couldn't speak English well, so it was hard to get there.

I experienced cultural exchange with Singaporean students. Of course, we used English to communicate. They were younger than me, but they speak English well. But at that time, my English skill was really poor, so I couldn't talk with them enough. It was regrettable for me.

So, now I study English! Those experiences on the school trip inspired me to study English. Singapore is more developing now, and my English skill is also developing too (I hope).

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