My memory in Christchurch, NZ
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My memory in Christchurch, NZ

by Tomoko
(Saitama, Japan)

Christchurch cathedral

Christchurch cathedral

As you know in the class, I went to Christchurch, NZ in August, 2007. Christchurch is the second biggest city in NZ and famous for beautiful gardens and art.

In August, Christchurch has an Art Festival. Around the Cathedral, at the Art Gallery, and at the Art Center, people can see many works of many artists. I loved the atmosphere around the Cathedral because I could see many people enjoying the festival. Sadly, it collapsed because of the huge earthquake in 2011.

In the Art Gallery, I saw a cross-cultural event for children. In NZ, there are many people who moved from other countries. What I was surprised about was that the Japanese section played a picture-story show of Momotaro. Recently, the number of immigrants who are from Asia is increasing.

If I have a chance, I would like to visit Christchurch again.

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