My views about Saudi Arabia
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My views about Saudi Arabia

by Hong Jiaming

Saudi Arabia is a very important country, but not a large country. My impression about it is limited to oil and its special political system.

Everybody knows it has lots of oil underground. And the wars about oil occurred many times around this place. And I think it is also the reason why the US maintains a good relationship with it.

And the political system in this country is also special in the world. I had considered the reason why the US did not introduce democracy to this country for a very long time.

Then I got two reasons. The first one is that the US can take advantage of the oil in this system by interfering with just the royal families, but not the whole country. And the second one is that the royals do not do any evil things at least.

In fact, there was a chance in my home university to exchange with a university in Saudi Arabia. But I think its culture is not suitable to me and the future of this country with oil running out is kind of dim. So finally I chose to come here.

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