New York - very exciting city!
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New York - very exciting city!

by Ami K.
(Suginami, Tokyo, Japan)

View from the Empire State Bldg.

View from the Empire State Bldg.

Last summer vacation, I went to NY for four days of sightseeing. It was the first time to visit NY for me. NY was a much more exciting city than I had expected!! I couldn't believe there was such an exciting city in the world.

I visited a lot of famous places in NY: Metropolitan Museum, The United Nations Headquarters, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Bldg., and so on.

Especially the night view seen from the top of the Empire State Bldg. was sooooo marvelous!!!!! It was the most beautiful view I had ever seen. I couldn't forget that night forever!

Not only visiting famous places, but also I enjoyed shopping at Times Square. This is the only place in NY that it is allowed to decorate anything bright. For enterprises or stores, it is indispensable for surviving to make a noticeable bldg. or signboard.

So there were a lot of shops or buildings with cute figures (for example, shaped like a cup or characters!) or brilliant pictures. The most impressive ones were HERSHEYS, FOREVER21 (it was much larger than that of Japan!), TOYS"R"US...

As I mentioned above, besides the famous places, NY is exciting in terms of economics. I wanna know more about the details of Times Square.

Although people in NY are very friendly, I felt uncomfortable at McDonald's. Employees didn't have hospitality at all! I was about to be angry! But now I think that it was the cultural difference between Japan and America.

Employees in Japan usually treat their customers very kindly. So I've taken it for granted for all of my life. Common things in Japan is not when I go to foreign countries. I learned it from my experience.

Anyway, NY is the most favorite place I've ever visited! I'm dying to go to NY again!!

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