Omotenashi in Saudi Arabia
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Omotenashi in Saudi Arabia

by Tomoko
(Saitama, Japan)

Arabian Coffee

Arabian Coffee

I have never been to Saudi Arabia, but I have a friend from Saudi Arabia. Before I met him, I did not have a clear image for there. I just had the strict image of their religion, but it got changed after I knew his culture a little. I understood that they cherish their family and guests so much.

When I was in ICTE (Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education) at the University of Queensland, he brought food and drink from his country.

Dates and Arabian coffee are necessary for people in Saudi Arabia when they welcome their guests. A date is a fruit from the date palm tree and has good nutritive value. It tastes so sweet and I felt it was like brown cane sugar. With Arabian coffee, which tastes bitter and had a strong herb flavor, it goes so well.

He also introduced basboosa, the Arabian cake which is made from powdered almond, coconuts, and semolina (granular wheat flour). I think it was much sweeter than the cake we often have.

This is Omotenashi (the Japanese spirit of selfless hospitality) in Saudi Arabia.

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