One of the most amazing stories about New Zealand
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One of the most amazing stories about New Zealand

by Kohei Kanno
(Tokyo, Japan)

Kiwi bird

Kiwi bird

I’ve never been to New Zealand, and I have no knowledge about New Zealand. So I tried to find out about New Zealand. Then, I discovered one amazing fact. It's a bird. The bird's name is "Kiwi."

The "Kiwi" is a national symbol of New Zealand. They are flightless birds endemic to there. At around the size of a domestic chicken, you can see one in the photo. Do you think it is similar to something? Incidentally, I did not notice anything when I saw this bird.

In fact, "Kiwi-fruit" is derived from this bird "Kiwi"! I was very surprised to know this fact, and I wanna get to know more about the animals of New Zealand.

I had no interest in New Zealand until yesterday...But I am now very interested in New Zealand!

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May 24, 2011
Kiwi birds & Kiwi fruit
by: Gary Wolff

Kohei, it's good to know you have become interested in New Zealand.

Me too ! :-)

Thanks for your story...

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