PENPAL WANTED - Japanese (Australian) Letter Writing, CARD trading
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PENPAL WANTED - Japanese (Australian) Letter Writing, CARD trading

by Lon R.
(Sydney, Australia)

HELLO! Or as us Aussies say it G'DAY MATE!

I enjoyed the varied entries by Japanese students/visitors to Australia. I am Australian of Asian decent and I was hoping you may be able to help me with growing my Chanel collection.

I was in fact trying to find 1 or 2 Japanese penpals, any who live in major cities like Hiroshima, Tokyo, etc who would be interested to write good old-fashioned letters with me and exchange Chanel perfume cards/brochures.

Or if you have another female contact who is keen to share letters or also a Chanel collector or perfume card collector, I would LOVE to hear from them!! And any other country is welcomed China, America, Korea:)))

The Chanel cards I refer to are those tester blotter cards people take, test and spray perfumes on to try first if they like or dislike the scent. Anyway I collect those (without scent) and any other other Chanel catalogues, pamphlets, brochures promo cards... Anything and everything from Chanel which are FREE, gratis, found at their makeup counters, fragrance sections in department stores and perfumeries and at duty-free airports....

Usually women who LOVE their fashion, makeup, beauty, Vogue magazine, girlie stuff, collecting and shopping might find my wish appealing?! They live in the big, bustling, major cities, enjoy shopping and walking around the stores, malls, boutiques and beauty counters therefore have time to find and take those Chanel cards for me. If this is you, then I HOPE we can be friends!!!!

Of course we could trade with something else, I might be able to help them find an Aussie souvenir something small and light. Like small magnets, pens, spoons? Or should they wish for some candy from Australia or other types of cards? I will do my best to find whatever they wish for from my country to start our letter writing relationship :)

I hope someone out there is interested and still enjoys the art of classic hand-written personal letters :)

Take care
Arigato, Danke Schoen, XieXie, Merci, Hvala, Grazie, Terima Kasih, Grazias, Ef Haristo

Lon xx

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