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Preparing and Presenting Scientific Posters

typical poster session
Typical poster session
(Photo credit: Poster Perfect)

Online resources for poster design and layout:

Sample horizontal posters:

Horizontal poster templates:

Sample university student posters:

TECOREP poster
TECOREP poster

Touch panels poster
Touch panels poster

Electric cars poster
Electric cars poster

Display poster
Display poster

Eco-container poster
Eco-container poster

Why aircraft poster
...and THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is how NOT to make a poster! smiley

JALT2014 posters, Tsukuba, Japan, Nov. 22-23, 2014
(a sample collection of 20 posters given at the 2014 annual "Japan Association for Language Teaching" national conferenece)

And FINALLY, the breathtakingly exciting video, taken by a lonely, unmanned digicame perched atop a tiny tripod: smiley

"Preparing and Presenting Scientific Posters" video
(If player above is not visible, you can view video here.)

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