Putin—the President of Russia
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Putin—the President of Russia

by Ge Juan

Talking about Russia, what we have to mention is President Putin. Many of my close friends worship him a lot. From his looks, President Putin is definitely not the type of man that can make you fall in love at first sight.

It's said that his height is about 1.70 meters, but he has a unique charm. According to a poll which named him the most charismatic man in the world, Mr. Putin was selected with absolute advantage by women in Russia. One important reason for why Mr. Putin is so popular among ladies is that whenever he appears in public, he always appears radiant.

The secret of being energetic is that he keeps doing exercise. Sometimes he drives a motorbike as fast as flash, sometime strips to the waist and goes fishing, sometimes goes into a submarine and down to the lake, & sometimes flies in the blue sky in an aircraft.

There is also a movie based on President Putin and Russian first lady Lyudmila's love story. On a flight, a beautiful and kind-hearted stewardess fell in love with an 'ordinary person' who lived in St. Petersburg, but what she didn't know is that the "ordinary person" could speak fluent German, was a judo expert, and also had very high political status. The movie showed Putin's tender personality.

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