Seawater Desalination in Saudi Arabia
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Seawater Desalination in Saudi Arabia

by Kazuya S.

Seawater desalination plant in Saudi Arabia

Seawater desalination plant in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has the biggest seawater desalination plant in the world. The Arabian Peninsula has large deserts, and it's difficult to get water to where people live. So oases in the desert are a valuable water resource, and oases have made many cities.

Saudi Arabia is just one example. But the water in oases has a limit, because the water is likely to dry up before 2040.

But technology now exists where seawater can be changed to fresh water, so people don't need to use oases. Particularly, cities in Saudi Arabia have the biggest seawater making capacity, and people's lifestyle like drinking & washing clothes is enabled by these systems. Many major cities like Riyadh and Mecca use these desalination systems.

Life in a desert country was too difficult before now, but the environment has changed! So now it has become a comfortable environment for not only the people living in Saudi Arabia, but for us as well.

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Apr 15, 2015
Natural Seawater Desalination is a better process to get pure water out of seawater
by: Maher Louis, PE, PEng.

I take also the opportunity to present Natural Seawater Desalination as a magnificent process generating pure water out of seawater WITHOUT ANY ENERGY CONSUMPTION TO COMPLETE THIS SEPARATION. It is a direct imitation of the natural process for the formation of pure rain water out of seawater, and similar to the industrial water cooler in which some water is evaporated at room temperature cooling the remaining bulk of water stream. In other words, the energy needed to separate pure water from seawater is obtained by cooling the bulk of seawater, without any extra supply of energy. The equipment needed is very simple as the materials are not specified to withstand any high temperature or pressure.

It is only a matter that the concept will be demonstrated to the audience of seawater desalination, and surely everyone will be convinced. Luckily we are now engaged in new projects.

Nov 02, 2010
Changing seawater to freshwater
by: Gary Wolff

Great story, Kazuya.

I've always been fascinated with that process of changing seawater to freshwater. And because your nice story stimulated my interest, I just read on the Internet that there are over 13,000 desalination plants worldwide producing more than 12 billion gallons of water a day. WOW!!

Thanks for taking the time to share this interesting information…


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