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Singapore English

by Takuya

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Hotel

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Hotel

In Singapore their official language is English. But about 80% of the population of Singapore is Chinese. So Singaporeans who speak English have some impact from the Chinese. We call the English that Singaporeans speak Singapore English.

For example, in Singaporean English there is no past form. In normal English, you say 'I went to the library yesterday,' but in Singapore English you say 'I go to the library yesterday.'

And there is a difference in pronunciation. My Australian friend told me a funny story.

He went to Singapore last year, and went to a restaurant. He and his friend ate many, many Singaporean foods. (He said Singaporean food was very, very delicious.)

He wanted to pay the check, and he said to the clerk 'Bill, please!' But maybe the clerk couldn't understand, so the clerk said 'What?'
He again said 'Bill, please!'
The clerk said 'Ah, OK!'
The clerk went to the kitchen, and brought back some kind of bottled drink.

Yes, the clerk brought a bottle of "Beer"!!!!
He said 'Singaporean beer is also good!' He drank the beer and said 'check please.' The clerk understood and he could pay the check.

Maybe Singapore English is easy for Japanese. So I want to go to Singapore, of course not only for this reason. The other reasons are the beautiful city, I can speak Chinese, and there is delicious food!! And I want to stay in the Marina Bay Sands Singapore Hotel.

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