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Singapore Science Center

by Rizki Satya Utami
(Chofu, Tokyo, Japan)

I have been in Singapore once with my cousins when we were invited by one of our aunts who lived there. That was my first experience to visit another country. At that time, I went to several interesting places in Singapore such as Singapore Zoo, Raffles Place, China Town, and Singapore Science Center.

All those places were pretty interesting and wonderful. However, i will only tell my experience in visiting Singapore Science Center.

At the first time I entered the building, I felt so excited because all the decorations and interiors were so eye-catching. The things inside the building were very colorful and interesting.

However, the one that really thrilled (and surprised) me at that time is the ‘climbing Einstein’. It was a human-sized motorised Albert Einstein doll that was climbing a rope. I couldn’t stop watching the doll for the first few minutes I spent in the building, and it was really interesting.

I spent the whole day exploring the science center with my cousins and aunt. There were a lot of simulations of the greatest inventions and brief explanations about it, and the one I still remember was the simulation of an air balloon. We had to push a button to blow up the mini air balloon to make it fly.

Another thing I remember is that there were a building section about the human body. There were many simulation machines that explained about DNA, organs, and many more.

The science center also had some really fun attractions that were really unique. One of them was the head-only table. It was a special table (with mirrors and other stuff) that could show only a person’s head on top of it. I also tried to enter that special table and asked my cousin to take photo of me. The result was just hilarious.

I really spent a wonderful time in the Singapore Science Center, and I hope someday I can visit it again.

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