Singapore—a city state
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Singapore—a city state

by Ge Juan

Singapore food

Singapore food

Singapore is a city country, and the original intention is 'Lion City.' According to the historical records of Malay, a Sumatran prince encountered a lion. Someone prompted him to find Singapura, or lion city.

When the prince arrived at this island, he saw a beast of prey and the natives informed him of the lion, which then had the name of 'Singapore.' Singapore is the homonym of 'lion city' in sanskrit, for the natives are deeply influenced by Indian culture, and they like making geographic names with sanskrit. And also the lion has the characteristics of brave and vigorous, therefore it's a natural thing to name the city with this.

Singapore is a tourist attraction, and is famous for its "garden city," which attracts tourists from all over the world with its prosperity, neatness, entertainment, folkway, and pleasant climate. The tourist attractions you cannot miss include Sentosa, Jinsha Skypark, Car Buffalo Chinatown, Little India, and so on.

Singapore is a multiethnic country, with Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western Europe, etc. influences. So the greatest pleasure of traveling in Singapore is that you can eat various kinds of delicious foods from different countries. It also has its pure native dishes, which are a mixture of Chinese food and southeast Asian dish flavors, also known as Nyonya.

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