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Southeast Asia's entertainment, Singapore

by -Great_x-
(Bangkok, Thailand)

DOTA2 event in Singapore

DOTA2 event in Singapore

Even though I've never been to Singapore before (actually, it is very close to Thailand), I've worked with Singapore people 3-4 times and they were speaking Singlish which is English in Singapore style. They always said "la" at the end of the sentences. So, I got quite used to them.

Once I worked at a game company, and I know that in Southeast Asia, if you want to play some online games which are open wide for many countries, you have to use Singapore's servers. I don't know why, because Singapore is a small country, but they have many servers, such as, DOTA2, Counter-Strike, MMOs, and etc. Maybe because of their economy, they can handle the problems so well.

Not only that, even for some world game events or animation events, they usually take place in Singapore. Like last month, the famous Japanese girl group named Sphere had their concert in Singapore. I was so envious of them.

Anyway, Singapore is a nice country. You can enjoy yourself with many entertainment things.

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