Stamps - the best messengers
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Stamps - the best messengers

by Tian Danyang
(Tokyo, Japan)

In one of my selective classes, the professor set up a team discussion about where to go during Golden Week. After discussing, members in my team consistently agreed to arrange one trip to Australia because of kangaroos and the fantastic scenery there. Although by now we have not been capable of taking the journey to Australia, I hope it is not something in the distant future and it is well underway.

I think everything, even a piece of a postcard, is worth well after covering a long trip and I guess that is why we travel. Thus, I get more interested in stamps and post cards, especially after several months in Japan. And what I am trying to do is look for postcards and imagining how far away it is between me and my hometown. Used primarily by Australians for posting, stamps in Australia have expanded into a much wider range all over the world and they became more famous.

Beautiful scenery and landscapes in Australia can be presented on these stamps, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, and so on. The more postcards with stamps people send out, the more deep sense of love to their families and friends these little pictures convey.

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