Switzerland has four languages mainly
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Switzerland has four languages mainly

by Riko

I am interested in Switzerland now because I knew it a little. Through I examine for Switzerland, I want to introduce my impressive points to you. First, languages. Please never say "Again?" ):

My friend went to Switzerland for sightseeing last month, so I listened to her impressions. Then, I found that there are mainly four languages in Switzerland. Can you say them? German(about 60%), French(20%), Italian(6%), and Romansh(0.5%).

Romansh is like Italian. When you want to say "Hello" in English, in Romansh it is "allegra, bun di." And these languages are separated by area. So, in reference to this point, there are regions. In US, like states and in Japan, like Tokyo, Hokkaido, and the other prefectures.

This is called "Kanton" (in Germany). They have flags for each area. What flags do you like? I can't show you these flags, so please check them. It is interesting.

Second, time. The time difference between Switzerland and Japan is eight hours. And Switzerland adopts daylight saving time (summer time). It starts in March and ends in October.

I think it is good to spend daytime effectively. On the other hand, this is a problem that we have to spend the charges for electricity. Then, in connection with this point, global warming. But I think it is an attractive adoption.

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