Talking about a Beautiful Place (Brazil)
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Talking about a Beautiful Place (Brazil)

by Eduardo Rivera Jaramillo
(Mexico City)

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Feijouada

What I like about the country is the Brazilian people, true to its renowned reputation for sympathetic and friendly character.

Second, its natural beauty. Iguazú Falls, the Amazon, the Pantanal (the largest wetland in the world), the National Park do Monte Roraima, where the oldest mountains on earth are.... a myriad of sites that impress everyone.

Another thing foreigners like in Brazil is the beaches and the sea, the climate, and diversity. Tourists value climate since most of the country is in the tropics, with high temperatures and sun to be able to maximize its beaches. For example, Rio de Janeiro is a city that is closely linked to the sea and beaches.

Rio de Janeiro is the most remembered by foreigners, but also Sao Paulo, Salvador, Florianopolis, and Fortaleza.

In more specific terms, such as Brazilian cuisine, the food winner is "feijouada," a typical bean stew, which you must try if you are in Brazil.

I would love a trip to these places. A good feijouada, sunbathing on a beach in Rio.... for now I'll have to settle for just imagining, but I hope to be in Brazil soon, and so to reaffirm my impressions that I write in this article!

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