The cradle of humankind
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The cradle of humankind

by Hendrik Leibrandt

Many scientists believe, due to the results of genetic tests, that the native South African folk known as the "Khoisan" are the oldest still living human group in the world. They have a unique language containing click-sounds that are missing in all other still alive languages.

They've kept their lifestyle over many hundreds of years mostly unchanged while all over the world individual peoples developed, all of them properly descended from these ancient peoples. Empires raised, expanded, and collapsed while the life of the Khoisan stayed more or less the same.

They also kept a very old style of hunting, chasing animals like antelopes over hours, till they collapse. This is possible because, while many animals are much faster than any human, we have the advantage of a much higher stamina because we can cool our body by sweating - a thing you can't do, if you have fur.

Here's a nice video showing the incredible alien language I talked about:

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