The factors of China's rapid growth
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The factors of China's rapid growth

by Ami Komo
(Suginami, Tokyo, Japan)

China is growing up now like Japan in the 1970's. Finally it became the second biggest economic country in the world. China is going to be the leading country following the USA. So we should learn not only English but also Chinese!! It would be fun but very tough to learn Chinese besides English. :))

By the way, why could China accomplish this rapid growth?? The other day it occurred in my mind. And just a week ago, I saw TV programs about Chinese contemporary history. It was a surprising history...

I hadn't imagined China had such a surprising history until I saw them. I can't explain in English because my English explanation may cause a misleading impression about China.

Anyway still now, in China only one party governs the whole country. So there are no people who are against the policy determined by them. That's why they can accomplish their rapid growth.

When they want to do something new, there is no obstacle. It seems very good apparently, but it is not democratic. So it must be a very big problem. If they don't change their political system, they can't grow anymore, I think.

Also they have a lot of problems with infrastructure like the accidents that happened this summer. Tourists can't enjoy their trip with ease. Tourism in China is going to be less popular. China should take measures against these problems.

These above opinions are just from my ideas. I'm not sure if they're correct or not. If you feel displeasure, I'm very sorry.

But of course I like China very much!! Because I have many good Chinese friends. They are not only very kind and funny, but also much more hardworking and intelligent than Japanese are. So these must be the most important factors of their rapid growth!!!!!!

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