The Great Moscow Circus
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The Great Moscow Circus

by Li Dongzheng
(Chofu, Japan)

Russia is famous for its circus all over the world and Russian Circus traditions include clowning, juggling, acrobatics, contortion, and animal acts (especially bear acts, such as bears who juggle with their feet). After the fascinating performance, it leaves us with a question——who cultivates those excellent performers?

The answer is the oldest circus school in the world——the Moscow Circus School. Every year more than a thousand children from other countries want to enter this school. However, only about 70 of them are chosen. The students must be less than 11 years old and also be talented and good at sports as well.

Students at the Moscow Circus School learn a lot. Besides the same basic subjects as those in other schools, they have to learn four circus subjects. Those subjects sound fun, but they are difficult to learn.

For example, it can take years of practice for a student to walk on the high wire. While learning and practicing, the students always wear safety belts. So if they make mistakes, they will not get hurt. After seven years of study, the students are supposed to leave school. The graduates usually work in the circuses and can make a lot of money.

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