The Iron Lady
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The Iron Lady

by Li Dongzheng
(Chofu, Japan)

When someone talks about England, the first spark in my memory is one of the film that I saw before — The Iron Lady. It is about Marguerite Hilda Thatcher, the first female leader of the British Conservative party in this “man's world,” the first female prime minister in British history, the first female prime minister in European history, and an iron lady who subdues the world.

Seeing her whole life, it seems that she always knows what she wants, and then she will put all her effort into it to live her dream. So she can walk farther than common women.

In order to go to Oxford University to continue to study, she took only one year to study Latin which normally requires four years, and finally studied a chemistry specialty; In order to satisfy her own political interest, she participated in the conservative party association shortly after she went there, and became president; In order to stand on the political stage, she firmly gave up her former specialty and studied law; To become the first assembly woman in British history, she gave lectures off the reel; In order to realize her political aspiration, she overcame difficulties which even troubled men a lot. As a result, she ascended to the throne of British Prime Minister and set a record of more than a 11-year term of service. What an amazing life path!

It is true that Madame Thatcher's hubris and self-will made some people dislike her, nay some people think that she broke up the UK. I want to say that nobody could perform perfectly in the world, and advantages always exist along with disadvantages in one person or in one policy. We must treat history fairly, shouldn’t we?

The reason why history is so important to us is that we can have lessons from past faults and take examples from former success. We need to research upon the history; what’s more, we need to respect history and inaugurate the new history!

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