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Traditional Dance in New Zealand

by Jun Kuzuya
(Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)

Haka, by the New Zealand national rugby team

Haka, by the New Zealand national rugby team

Talking of New Zealand, I cannot help thinking of the "All Blacks." Do you know them? The "All Blacks" is the nickname of the national rugby team in New Zealand, and one of the strongest rugby teams in the world.

The reason why I cannot help thinking of them is they do the traditional ritual-like dance before the game called "Haka."

The "Haka" is the famous folk dance of the Maoris, and it's a very powerful and impressive dance!! Originally, Maori warriors danced before a battle began, to show their own power and to intimidate the opponent.

In rugby, the "Haka" dance has been used before games since 1905. And it exists to the present day as part of the traditional culture of New Zealand.

In my opinion, it's very important for a country to treasure its traditional culture like this, and to pass it down from generation to generation!!

As I wrote, the "Haka" dance is very powerful. So, I'd like you to watch the All Blacks doing the Haka in front of the France rugby team:

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May 07, 2010
"Haka" dance by the All Blacks rugby team
by: Gary Wolff

What a great story, Jun. I didn't know this about New Zealand culture, so I'm glad you shared this interesting dancing custom of the All Blacks rugby team.

I've never been to New Zealand, but my daughter just spent 6 months living & working there, and my dad toured New Zealand in 1974 as a pitcher on the Western U.S. Men's Fastpitch Softball All-Star team.

I hope very much to visit New Zealand someday. Thanks again for your interesting story...


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