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Tsurugi-dake nighttime temperature at the end of October?

by Salvatore

Hello Gary, I write a quick email because I'm about to make a two weeks journey to Japan and I would like to ask some question. I would like to make the Tsurugi-dake 2 days hike and I would like to camp there.

On "normal" weather conditions (no storms no snow) would it be possible to make it around the end of October? I'll arrive to Tokyo around the 20.

Which temperature should I expect during night in that period of the year?

Thanks a lot for your help.



Hi Salvatore,

It's already snowing up there and it's already getting below freezing at night, so I guess by the 20th, it may be around 5 degrees C or so colder.

Here's the latest Tsurugi weather info:

And the Kenzan-so mountain hut closes Oct. 10.



Hi Gary, thanks a lot for this information and the quick answer.

Then I think I maybe need to go more south or just make a day-hike or stay at huts.

In any case thanks a lot.



Hi Gary,
I would not take you much time but it seems you've traveled quite a lot along Japan.
Would you be able to suggest me a region where I can make some hikes?
I'll be in Japan two last weeks of October and first days of November.
Thanks a lot for any recommendation.



My pleasure, Salvatore.

I'd recommend the Southern Japan Alps, where you're less likely to have snow, although snow is possible anywhere up there in late Oct.

My favorite peak there is Kita-dake, Japan's 2nd tallest. You can be on the hiking trail within 4 hrs. from Tokyo:

Plus, the mountain huts are open a little later in the season. For example, Kita-dake-sanso is open till Nov. 3:

Best wishes,


Hey Gary,
Thanks a lot. Kita-dake was one of those I've highlighted in the guide.
I'll check weather once in Tokyo and if good I'll go that direction.
Thanks a lot for your kind help.



Hey Gary,
Hope you're fine and well. I'm in Kyoto and I've asked about the Omine-san hike but at the tourist office the information they have was not enough to decide. They called the Dorogawa Onsen info point, but they didn't know a lot either. Do you know this hike?
Do you think the four days version is possible in this period with a tent? Otherwise I'm going to do the Yatsubuchi-no-taki next day of sunshine. Thanks a lot for all info you may be able to provide.


Hi Salvatore,

I'm not familiar with either of those peaks, but I found some information on this page about Omine-san:

And if you're near a large bookstore, you might want to pick up a copy of Lonely Planet's "Hiking in Japan": According to the internet, Omine-san is on p. 178 of that book.

Best wishes and have fun in Japan…


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