We have to smile like Singaporeans!!
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We have to smile like Singaporeans!!

by Ami Komo
(Sugnami, Tokyo, Japan)

I heard the rate of economic growth in Singapore was very high recently. Although this figure in Japan has been almost 2 percent or less for the latest 20 years, this one in Singapore has been almost 15 percent recently.

According to another website, it is the third highest figure in the world in 2011 (compared to the previous year) following Qatar and Colombia.

When the economy in Japan was growing rapidly from the 1950s to 1970s, that figure in Japan was almost the same in Singapore these days.

Last November, I went to Singapore because I wanted to see the appearance of the country which has grown rapidly. I thought I could guess what Japan used to be before these last 20 years.

My major is Japanese history and now I plan to write a paper about the rapid economic growth in Japan as a graduation thesis.

That's why I wanted to go to Singapore. I also wanted to hear "Singlish", which is the English that Singaporeans speak. It is said very fast and is difficult to understand.

I used Singapore Airlines which has a very high reputation about their service. Surely this flight was better than the other companies!!

I arrived in Singapore and went to a lot of sightseeing places in Singapore. I also could go to Malaysia next to Singapore by bus.

Many buildings and roads were under construction in Singapore. People in Singapore looked like they had a lot of energy and enjoyed their lives.

They must have hope for the future because Singapore is growing now. They are dancing on the road in the night. They seemed very fun.

When I came back to Japan and took the JR Line, I thought people on the train were like ghosts because their energy seemed to be much less than Singaporeans.

Why do we have to be depressed?? What are the factors which make Japanese apathetic while we have a lot of food and clothes??

We must be happy!! I don't want to be "Japanese" in these days. Definitely no!! We should always smile and happy.

When I went to Korea, they also looked very happy and always had a smile on their face in spite of they are still doing war with North Korea.

People who don't smile are only Japanese. I will face a difficult situation because of job hunting, but I always want to keep on smiling!! Smiling makes us happy. :)

By the way, I could catch "Singlish" and had a small conversation with them. My mother couldn't. :) I was very happy!! haha~~

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