Would you recommend climbing Mt. Shirouma-dake around November 13-15?
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Would you recommend climbing Mt. Shirouma-dake around November 13-15?

by Mac

Me and a friend is wanting to hike mt shirouma in November. I have been researching and saw there are multiple trailheads any recommendations on that also. (We are experience hikers)

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Oct 19, 2023
Don't think so
by: Gary Wolff

Mac, as one who has scaled 38 of Japan's 50 highest peaks, I would IMHO discourage anyone from attempting to climb Mt. Shirouma-dake in mid-November for a number of reasons...

...including dangerous heavy snowfalls that already begin in Japan's alpine country in early October, both of ​the mountain huts near the Shirouma-dake summit close in mid-October, and you’ll have to cross the Daisekkei (Great Snow Valley) which as a minimum require crampons and has claimed many lives (*) through the years, making it one of the most treacherous climbing sections in all of Japan.

I suggest trying again next year during the recommended climbing season. Happy trails and thanks for visiting my site…

(*) Mt. Shirouma-dake (白馬岳) Mountain Climbing Accidents:

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