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Is a Mt. Shirouma-dake day hike possible?

by Miguel

Can Mt. Shirouma be hiked within 1 day?

Thinking of starting the hike early at around 8 am, going to the top of the summit, then back down.

Is this possible? Thanks!

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May 06, 2018
Possible, but maybe not probable, unless you're Superman
by: Gary Wolff

​Only if you’re in excellent physical condition and are a mountain climber experienced hiking on snow. For safety, most hikers use crampons to hike across the Daisekkei Snow Valley, which is quite slippery in summer.

It takes the average climber 6 hours to the top (it took me 7), so I would recommend that you start hiking much earlier than 8 a.m.

Here is my Mt. Shirouma climbing schedule from 2006: Mt. Shirouma-dake Schedule

Be careful trekking across the massive Daisekkei snow field, as it's one of the most dangerous places for hiking in Japan, with many tragic accidents there thru the years: Mt. Shirouma-dake Mountain Climbing Accidents

You may also want to check on the time of the last bus departing the Sarukura trailhead.

Happy trails…

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