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English People are not Unicorns

by Nikki
(Chofu, Tokyo, Japan)

This is not true!!!

This is not true!!!

This is not true!!! Fish and chips, a popular English food (SO DELICIOUS)

Despite having spent a grand total of five hours in England (due to layovers), I have quite an impression of England.

In Oklahoma, at least, England is like a far off fantasy world. Their accents are exotic, their money is colorful, and they live in Europe, which is everybody's dream destination. Simply being from England is enough to make an English person interesting to Americans.

Personally, I have had several friends from England, and even dated an English person a while back, so I can say that my understanding of England is pretty solid. I can also say that most of my American friends' understanding of England is pretty warped.

In all honesty, England is pretty similar to America. The accent is different, sure, and their words are slightly changed - aubergine, am I right - but the culture tends to be quite alike. I can communicate with an English person and have no fear of cultural misunderstanding, which says a lot.

English people are wonderful, and the country is beautiful and diverse, but it is not a fantasy world populated by unicorns. That being said, I'd love to spend more time there!

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