Forth Bridge Lucky Coins
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Forth Bridge Lucky Coins

by Atsushi

I did not know the country named Scotland at all. Therefore, I examined it. Scotland occupies the northern 1/3 part of the Great Britain island, and bounds the English border in the southern part. It joined with the Kingdom of England, becoming an independent UK nation in 1707.

There is a famous bridge that is called Forth Bridge in Scotland. This bridge was completed in 1890. It is 2,530m in total length. It was designed as a firm structure that could endure strong wind. And it has been in active service for 100 years.

This is a story concerning this bridge. It was said that luck was invited when a coin was thrown into Forth Bay, while passing the Forth Bridge by train in the old times. Then, travelers of the train seemed to have thrown out coins from the window when they came to the Forth Bridge.

However, the coins fell into the gardens of houses on this side of the bay because many of the travelers were too hasty. Then, children in that area gladly picked up those coins. The coins that had been thrown out from the window were exactly coins of luck for children in the area.

This story is very interesting. If I go to Scotland, I want to go to Forth Bay and throw coins.

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Sep 05, 2013
The Forth Bridge
by: Anonymous

I've thrown coins out over the Forth Bridge. I have been over it many times. The bridge crosses over the Firth of Forth.
Now there is also a road bridge as well

Jul 23, 2012
over 4000 years of tradition
by: Mike B-R

The people living in what we now call Scotland have a tradition going back over 4000 years of throwing objects of value in to water to bring good luck or ward off evil. Like Alistair I used to throw pennys from the train before the advent of AC.

Jul 23, 2012
Throwing coins
by: Alistair

You are correct, Atsushi. I have thrown coins from a train crossing this bridge, about 50 years ago.

Unfortunately, the windows on the trains no longer open sufficiently for the throwing of coins.

Jun 05, 2011
Let's go to Forth Bay and throw lucky coins
by: Gary Wolff

I agree, Atsushi. That's a very interesting story about Scottish culture. And it's one I've never heard before.

Thanks for educating us and for sharing such an interesting story about Scotland's Forth Bridge.

Yes, by all means, let's go to Forth Bay and throw lucky coins... :-)

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