Is it possible to climb Mt. Fuji in mid-June?
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Is it possible to climb Mt. Fuji in mid-June?

by KB

I will be in Japan during the second and third weeks of June 2017.

I live in the Pacific NW and have hiked glaciated peaks over 10,000 ft. Climbing at altitude or in snow isn't a problem for me. I also like the idea of climbing without 5000 other people.

However, I'm traveling alone and don't speak any Japanese. I'm torn between wanting to climb it just "because it is there" and I'm in Japan, or finding something else to do. The only reason for me to do it is because I like high places and it would be a cool feather in my cap.

From poking around your (excellent and informative!) site, I'm guessing your answer will be to do something else.

I'm really glad your site exists. 😀

Thank you!

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Apr 28, 2016
You guessed correctly! :-)
by: Gary Wolff

Thanks, KB. You read my mind perfectly. :-)

I'm not a big fan of off-season climbing, so I always discourage folks against climbing Fuji-san out of season. This is for a million reasons, not the least of which that after a quarter-century of climbing Japan's highest peaks, every year sadly I have to read about several climbers meeting their maker in Japan's high country.

If you haven't seen it already, I recommend you read very carefully this section of my Climbing Mt. Fuji FAQ page, as well as watch the short video embedded there:

Because of the over-representation of fatalities during the off-season, particularly among foreign tourists, the "Fuji-san ni Okeru Tekisei Riyo Suishin Kyogikai" (Council for Promoting the Proper Utilization of Mount Fuji) has drawn up guidelines for those who insist on climbing Fuji-san out of season. These include the need to file a climbing plan with the police department and a requirement to bring your own portable toilet, in order not to pollute Japan's most sacred mountain. More details here:

All 4 trails will still be officially closed in mid-June (still LOTS & LOTS of snow up there then), and the 3 Shizuoka trails normally never open before July 10. In years past, I personally know people who've tried to reach Mt. Fuji's summit as late as mid-July, but couldn't make it because of all the snow.

Furthermore, as shown on my Mt. Fuji Mountain Huts page, in mid-June there are no mountain huts open above 6th station. Before the July 1st official trail opening, bus service to the 5th Station is limited, first-aid stations are not yet open, and all facilities including restrooms above the elev. 3450m 8.5th Station are unavailable till July 10, since they are under management of the Shizuoka Prefecture side of Mt. Fuji.

A good consolation prize, though, might be just to visit Fuji-san's 5th station. There's quite a bit to see and do there, including some short hikes you can take. Here are some pics that I took there last August:

There are also a lot of fun things to see & do at the base of Fuji-san in the Fuji Five Lakes area:

Best wishes for a safe & enjoyable trip...


p.s. Speaking of the gorgeous Pacific NW, something tells me you might enjoy my pics I took there in Sept. 2011:

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