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My dream of climbing the Swiss Alps!

by Keisuke Koga
(Chofu, Tokyo, Japan)

Winter sports in  the Swiss Alps

Winter sports in the Swiss Alps

Have you ever been to Switzerland? I think that Switzerland is famous for having the Alps. In summer, the Alps are popular with hikers, mountain bikers, paragliders, and mountaineers, while many alpine lakes attract swimmers, sailors. and surfers.

In winter, the Alps are surrounded by the blue sky, clean air, and the bright sunlight, and the snow which lays on the mountain range shines brightly. A winter hike is one of the popular methods of enjoying the pleasures of winter.

Winter sports (Alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, snowshoeing, ski tours, etc.) can be practiced in most regions from December to April.

The Alps typically see more than 50 million visitors a year.

I love mountain climbing. Although Mr. Wolff may have already climbed them, I would also like to climb the Alps someday.

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