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My wonderful friend who lived in Singapore

by Kiho Muroga
(Tokyo, Japan)

I have a friend who lived in Singapore. She joined my ballet company, and we came to know each other. When I met her, I was 10 years old and she was 11 years old.

At the first time when we practiced ballet together, I was surprised by her wonderful dance. After our lesson, I asked her where she practiced ballet before. She said that she had been in Singapore, and she had belonged to a school of the Royal Ballet Company.

Singapore was once occupied by England, so there are a lot of English cultures. One of these cultures is a school of the Royal Ballet Company. I heard that she had been taught ballet by English teachers in Singapore. Therefore, her ballet was so wonderful.

She is not only a good ballet dancer, but also a fluent speaker of English. I think she is an international woman and I admire her.

I want to become like her, so I would like to make efforts.

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