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Proud of being a Chinese

by Hu Shuguang
(Chofu, Tokyo, Japan)

China map

China map

I come from China. Whenever and wherever I am, I am proud of being a Chinese.

China is a historical and ancient country. With over 5,000 years of consistent history, China has developed its own unique culture. Languages spoken in Eastern Asia, especially in Japan and Korea, benefit a lot from Chinese.

China has a large territory and a large population. With the development of China, 1,300,000,000 Chinese people make this country have a greater influence on the whole world day by day.

After I came to Japan, I feel more proud of being a Chinese. In the salon held on every Thursday in CIPE (E-2 bldg.), I am being surrounded by foreign friends who are willing to learn Chinese and know more about China.

Although China is still a developing country faced by a lot of serious problems and challenges, it has a long way to go before being a developed country. Anyone can not hold back the more and more important impact China has on the world.

I love China.

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