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Trevi Fountain in Italy

by Tanaporn Payommai

Trevi Fountain in Italy

Trevi Fountain in Italy

Trevi Fountain in Italy

I've never been to Italy. But I saw picture about Italy from the internet that makes me want to go there as soon as possible. I think that there are many places to visit. For me, I would like to go to Trevi Fountain.

Trevi Fountain is a beautiful and very famous name in the world. "Trevi" comes from the word "Major Victory Umbrian," which means the meeting of three roads.

This fountain is believable. If anyone comes to Italy and goes to Trevi Fountain for making wishes, it is believed that a coin toss will show results. Turn your back to the fountain and toss a coin with your right hand over the left shoulder. You just pray your words will be true and you will be back here again.

So, if I have a chance to go to Italy, I would like to go there and toss a coin to make wishes because I want to know that my prayer will be true, or not?

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