Welsh Patriotism
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Welsh Patriotism

by Yasuaki S.
(Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan)

An example of the Cymraeg language

An example of the Cymraeg language

In Japan, Wales is not a famous country. Actually, many of my friends don't know about Wales. So, I searched Wales on the internet. Wales' native language is Cymraeg, not English.

In Wales' schools, students study Cymraeg to preserve their language. They are proud of their country. They hate to be seen as British.

I don't think Japanese people have much patriotism. I think that the Welsh patriotism is wonderful. I love the culture of Japan, but I think that I should leave the culture of Japan.

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Nov 11, 2012
proud to be welsh
by: john wrexham

the welsh people are a very patriotic breed wether it be north, south, west or east, still quite tribal at times which historically has been the case for at least 2500 years.
As for not feeling british, the Welsh are actually the remnants of the original british tribes of the island of britain, thr Brythons, cymreag, cornish and breton languages being brythonic, the original British.
where i live the majority of people regard themselves as Welsh first and british second, this is what is bred into us from a very early age
much to the bemusement of people living just over the border.
The Welsh have withstood many invasions and attacks at their nationhood, but still to this daywant to be Welsh first

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