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Planning to try Mt. Oku-hotaka-dake & Mt. Yari-ga-take in August 2011

by Ala

Hi Gary! I found your website on the internet, searching trampings to do in Japan. I'm just back from NZ and I did some trampings there on the South Island which was enough to feel my love for mountains. Thanks for sharing.

I will start to plan my trip to Japan, probably in August 2011, get some experience, and prepare for that. I will try Mt. Oku-Hotaka-dake & Mt. Yari-ga-take.

I saw your pictures, huts, and camp areas. Let's see... Oh... Also, I will try to learn basic Japanese, which I believe that will help too.

(from Brazil)


Good to hear from you, Ala. I have some good friends from Brazil here in Tokyo.

Here's an English map of the mountain huts in the Oku-Hotake/Yari-ga-take area:

Best wishes to you...


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