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Switzerland, Geneva watches :)

by Great
(Bangkok, Thailand)

One of the most famous watch brands in Switzerland, Rolex

One of the most famous watch brands in Switzerland, Rolex

Every time I hear that my friends or my acquaintances will go to Switzerland, they always want to buy watches from there. I think one of their reasons is Switzerland, especially Geneva, the very famous city about making Switzerland watches, regularly produces high-quality and beautiful watches.

Also "Swiss made" is the famous wording that guarantees these watches are really made from Switzerland, so you can be sure about its quality (even though there are many copies now). But the prices are high too! Their prices are the highest prices in the world! Not because costs of materials in the watches, but from wages of watchmakers which are so high according to their skills! And Geneva is the city which is gathering many skillful watchmakers. :)

If I have a chance (and become rich), I want the watches from Geneva, too. Maybe when I'm getting old, perhaps it won't be too late for that.

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