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What Japanese University Students
Think About...?
Stories for 2011-2012 School Year

The following stories are the most recent ones which have been submitted during the 2011-2012 school year.

South Africa

The Most Popular Sports in South Africa!

South Africa, a diamond producing country

Big soccer enthusiasts in South Africa

South Africa History!!

A lot of salary and wonderful experiences in South Africa


Russian hot, delicious cuisines!!!

Russian caps

Matreshka dolls

Russian matryoshka dolls

The Vaganova Ballet Academy


Sightseeing tour of Singapore

We have to smile like Singaporeans!!

Singapore, one of the most famous tourist attractions

Singapore Airlines

Singapore's peculiar laws

My First Trip to a Foreign Country

Universal Studios Singapore

My wonderful friend who lived in Singapore 


My dream of climbing the Swiss Alps!

Swiss hamburgers

Switzerland, the neutral country 

Switzerland, the independent country 

What's Switzerand?

The biggest cheese all over the world

Difference between Swiss chocolates and Japanese ones


Icefield Parkway

Canada, My Special Country!!!!!!

2010 Trip to Canada!!

Prince Edward Island

Canadian maple syrup

Multilingual person from Canada

Saudi Arabia

The Culture of Saudi Arabia

Gap between men and women in Saudi Arabia

My Interest in Arabic

Popular sport in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's beauty in spite of its growth

Japanese school lunch system for Muslims

Saudi Arabia's unique financial system!

Saudi Arabia, a country which supports the world economy


Shanghai girl

Positive and negative sides of China

Bias for China

Great Taste and Great Value Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong

My homecooking from China's 4 districts 

China's national character

World Heritage Sites in China

The factors of China's rapid growth

A fantastic Chinese friend


I am a Welsh

Wales & the History of Slavery

Wales' legend

The Wales flag

"How Green Was My Valley" is a great film

My thoughts about Wales

Land of Laputa

Wales, a tourist attraction

National Flags of the United Kingdom

Let's think about Wales' national flag and sport


England's Industrial Revolution

Royal Wedding - the unique hats of the guests

My visit to Buckingham Palace 

"Alice in Wonderland" has some messages

Short stay in England

Harry Potter World

The origin of Godiva chocolate

My funny cousin

Cotswolds and the Lake District


I will visit Venice!!

Italian Street in Tokyo DisneySea

Italian songs

Venetian glass

History of Italy's fashion

My Italian friend!

The Italian city with many 'FASHIONISTA' 

The memory of my trip to Italy

Do you know "Rhapsody of Fire"?

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland movie festival

Northern Ireland or Ireland??

Tourist Spots in Northern Ireland

I'm thinking over Northern Ireland's dispute

Ireland national rugby team 

Northern Ireland whiskey


Australia makes people happy!

My best friend, Tomomi!!


Australia is a beautiful country!!

The Tomorrow Series

Famous Austrian joke

Amazing Australian reefs

Sydney Olympics! 

My Australia experiences


Edinburgh has a wonderful history!

The Legend of 'Nessie'

David Coulthard, one of Scotland's heroes

My Ballet Company

Scottish Folk Costume

Scotch whisky has many sorts

Scottish Religion and Football

Who is he??

The Scottish

Sleeping with whisky

Please tell me about Scotland!

Glasgow's "Old Firm derby"

Forth Bridge Lucky Coins


I am looking forward to the Olympics in Brazil!

Brazil: a growing and revolutionary country!

Bossa Nova

Merry Country 'Brazil'

2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

One woman's story which is based on stars in Brazil

Brazilian Soccer


Iguacu National Park is amazing !!

Brazilian city in Japan

The Country of Samba

Japan and Brazil

Brazil is the KINGDOM of soccer

Kendo Culture in Brazil

New Zealand:

All Blacks

You can see the beautiful sea!

One of the most amazing stories about New Zealand

I want to visit New Zealand for snowboarding

Two Earthquakes in NZ and Japan

Intriguing points about New Zealand

Beautiful starlit sky

All Blacks -- The Strongest Team

NZ, Japan, earthquakes, and my experience!!

My NZ friend

Global warming from burping NZ sheep !!

Maori Culture of NZ

Mount John University Observatory

"Maori" - my OC teacher

Christchurch Earthquake

There is nice nature and nice people in NZ

My Ideal Country to Live In


Hollywood movies are so good! 

Soccer in America

Positive thinking

My impression of Americans and my dream

My friend Peter

Guam is a wonderful country

Two big museums in L.A for art fans!

A Fair Country!!

The Hula as a Culture of America

New York - very exciting city!

USA university students

America is our best friend - "Pray for Japan"

LA, the Big Fascinating City

An Experience We Can't Have in Japan

Grandfather Mountain

My Big Decision in Oregon

Live baseball game

The Fall 2011 semester's progress chart is here.

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